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Where Chicago’s found mosquitos carrying West Nile virus and where to go if you’ve been infected

Before 1999, the United States had never seen West Nile Virus. But when the crows started disappearing and dropping from trees before their eyes in 2002, it became apparent that this disease, insect born and carried, was here to stay. Now, we find them every year.

The map below details just that. Each red mosquito circle represents where a mosquitos with West Nile Virus have been located. When you click on the bubble, it will show you in which year the mosquitos were found, how many were found, which species, and where.

The blue bubbles with crosses on them indicate the locations of Public Health Clinics throughout the city. West Nile Virus symptoms aren’t always dangerous. Sometimes the symptoms are as harmless as headache, rash and fever. But if a person reacts more negatively to the virus, it can induce disorientation, coma, convulsions and paralysis, among other things. Recognizing where mosquitos with West Nile have been found and where to go if one starts to present symptoms could be life saving.

The final addition to the map are a few blue markers which indicate locations with high concentrations of mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus over many years.

Data credit: City of Chicago Open Data Portal — Chicago Department of Public Health Clinic Locations and WNV Mosquito Test Results 


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