Bookmark Ventures opens its doors to remote workers

When the company Shannon Goodrich worked for lost its office, she had a hard time finding the right place to work remotely. The library was too quiet for phone calls. Coffee shop work resulted in high spending and high calorie consumption. At home, her children got back from school just a bit too early to call it a day.

Tired of the inconsistency of her work schedule, she decided to create her own perfect place to work with the help of her husband, John: Bookmark Ventures.

Bookmark is a co-working space located in downtown Elmhurst that offers remote workers a place to settle down, even if just for a few hours.

“It’s great for networking, establishing better habits and being able to visualize the day,” Goodrich said. “I know that when I get my day started, my 8:15 call is covered. I know where I’m sitting, the Wi-Fi is stable, and I don’t have to worry.”

It took two years to get the co-working space off the ground, which Goodrich attributed primarily to finding an ideal location. She wanted it to be in Elmhurst’s downtown area, near the train and parking.

The match was made when space became available on the ground floor of the city’s Fitness Formula Club.

“The perfect customers are people already going to FFC who can work as flexible workers, are moving into new apartments, have small children or are commuters,” Goodrich said.

There are several ways one can work at Bookmark, 126 N. Addison Ave. A $40 membership includes a sit-stand desk and chair from 9 to 5 any day of the week, every week. Without a membership, businesses and remote workers can reserve private offices or a conference room.

A Floater subscription is available for workers with hectic schedules and allows them to drop by at any time for a desk they haven’t named as their own.

“You might not need space every day,” Goodrich said. “But if you need to work from home or on Martin Luther King Day when the kids are home, it’s a lot easier to justify finding a place like [Bookmark] to work.”

One of the benefits of working at a coffee shop is, of course, the never-ending supply of coffee. Goodrich has been working with small businesses in Elmhurst to ensure that benefit is not lost.

Bookmark has a partnership with both Pilot Pete’s and Brewpoint Coffee to provide coffee to workers at all hours of the day. If groups come in to use the conference room, Bookmark will offer them a list of local providers for snacks and other purchases.

“We’re encouraging people who have never tried co-working before to give it a shot,” Goodrich said. “It’s a way to mix things up, increase employee retention, change the conversation and switch up the venue.”

What: Bookmark Ventures

Where: 126 N. Addison Ave., Elmhurst

Published by Suburban Life 1/29/2020

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